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I’m Caitlyn and this is Conifer Pine, my creative journal where I share things of all sorts that are on my mind or inspire me. I’m in the middle of my 29th year (man, time really does fly) and I live in Denver, Colorado with my boyfriend Brennan and our well-known-around-town tabby cat Jerry. If it’s not obvious already, I have a deep love for the mountains and all the plants. So much so that our little abode is filled to the brim with greenery (78 plants as of now, and yes I’m counting) and a mountain inspired style. I love bringing the outdoors in! I also love supporting small shops. I’ve worked in retail for over ten years and have recently made the transition to shopping mostly small and ethically. It’s a journey that I hope you’ll enjoy following and maybe feel inspired to join!


Thank you for popping by and see you soon, 


(Oh, you're probably wondering where the name Conifer Pine came from! Well, I lived in Conifer, Colorado when I was seven and it was one of the most magical moments from my childhood. Living in the mountains and playing in the pines at that age did wonders for my imagination and to this day, I still have a special appreciation for the outdoors.) 

it was a beautiful snow day in Denver an