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Yep, I live in my vintage jeans. Thankfully I have a job where it's acceptable to be that person and if you haven’t seen the vintage denim selection at Meek, you are missing out! When I wake up late after a night of binge watching Grey's Anatomy, I grab my favorite pair and a simple tee and I'm good to go. Even if I happen to wake up super early and have a few hours to decide what I'm putting on, it's usually the same jeans I wore the day before. They are my fail-safe comfort blanket that I will always feel good in!

Now, if I'm being honest, my experience with vintage denim was not a love at first sight moment. I mean, I loved the way they looked on other people but the first few times I tried, I was completely disappointed with the fit. I was so confused why I looked like I had my dad's jeans on and not the butt-flattering jeans I was expecting! After much trial and error, I now realize that there are a couple things I wish I knew at the beginning of my search. If you are in the same boat I was, these things will hopefully help you find that magic pair and at least give you a better idea of what fits you best!

+ Patience and persistence, try on as many pairs as you can mentally handle at a time. You won’t know until you try is something I swear by with vintage denim. They can look so deceiving on the hanger! Also, don’t get hung up on sizing. It’s pretty much all over the place with a few exceptions. Some pairs have been shrunk, altered or don’t have a size on them. But for reference, I wear a 28 in non-vintage and anywhere from a 29-31 in vintage depending on if they are women’s or men’s.

+ I have found that I prefer Levi’s 501’s because the button fly just holds me in and is a bit of a higher rise. But Levi’s aren’t the only brand out there, I actually think my Lee’s fit me the best out of my collection. Guess and Calvin Klein jeans are also a great high waist fit. Just like with sizing, don’t get stuck on just one brand.

+ Probably my top tip, don’t be afraid to cut them! When you have a pair on, roll the bottom of the pant leg under. I have the shortest set of legs in the world and doing this is always way more flattering on me than rolling them a few times. The roll is always so chunky because of all the extra length! (A how to video of me doing exactly this is coming soon!) The frayed hem looks great with converse and even flat sandals or a low heel!


Fast forward through all that searching and you’ll find that I am now completely converted to wearing only vintage denim. I have my trusty light wash pairs, a couple medium/dark washes and surprise to everyone even a white pair! The only thing left to round off my collection is a worn in, perfectly faded black pair…


photographer: Violet Odnoralova (she is an actual ray of sunshine)

white tee: Everlane

brass ring: TRI Vintage

waxed canvas tote: Winter Session

vintage levi's 501's - vintage linen jacket - vintage brass bracelet: Meek Vintage

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